Tony Holler - Co-Director @ Football Track Consortium, Track Coach

Reflexive Performance Reset is taking the world by storm. Multiple Big Ten and NFL football teams are now using it daily. In Illinois, I can’t imagine a track school who hasn’t heard about it. The US “founding father” is Chris Korfist. My sprinters are reset before they run. My guys can’t imagine sprinting without it. They run being “present” with a decluttered brain. They are more relaxed (parasympathetic). They are more durable. And, they are faster. My sprinters won all four sprints at the 2018 IHSA State Track Meet (100, 200, 4x1, and 4x2).

Brendan Hanneman, after breaking the Illinois 4×1 record, told Coach Quinn (Holler), “After getting reset by Chris Korfist, I felt like I was in a trance.” Actually it wasn’t a trance. RPR puts you in a performance state. Ever hear of someone being “in the zone”? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it “Flow”. Being “IN THE ZONE” is a performance state. When an athlete is "in the zone", he has no fear. The athlete is present and focused on the moment. The brain is ready to let it rip because it no longer worries about survival (sympathetic state). Adrenaline is produced in a state of fear, a state of crisis. Adrenaline causes fight, flight, or freeze. The body implodes to protect itself. RPR is an explosive performance enhancer.

NHL Team Reduced Man Games Lost by 50%

Director of Strength and Conditioning @ NHL Franchise

I just wanted to pass along some very interesting man games lost (MGL) data after our full season of implementing RPR. Last season (15-16) our team had 276 MGL, with multiple non-contact soft tissue injuries (we play 68 games in our division). This season (16-17) we had 156 MGL, which was a 43% decrease; however, we did have a player that had to step aside due to personal reasons. Had his MGL not been counted, we would have been down to 131, which would have been a 53% decrease. We also drastically decreased our non-contact injuries. We only had one very minor hip flexor strain throughout the season (said player only missed two games, and never did RPR), and didn't have a single groin strain, which is unheard of in pro hockey.

While MGL is multifactorial, RPR was far and away the biggest difference that we made as a training staff. I'm still stunned and amazed at what a difference such a simple system has made in keeping our players healthy...you might even say that it's as easy as "1-2-3." ;)

Please feel free to share this information on social media; however, I would ask that my name and/or our team/organization's name not be associated with it. I don't think management would be too thrilled with us giving out injury data...

Keep up the great work, gents. You're making a world of difference in a world that needs something different

Getting Faster IN SEASON

Brad Dixon, Football Head Coach, Track Head Coach, PE Teacher, S&C Coordinator @ Central HS, Camp Point, IL

Brad Dixon’s tweet w/video

Full@RPR_system reset today with an emphasis on belly breathing! Also did speed drills and ran 40s. Had another player drop into the 4.6s today. Makes 5 players in the 4.5-4.6 range. Guys are getting faster in-season with proper REST and SPEED EMPHASIS!#Gamechanger#SpeedKills

160 Skating Hours, ZERO lower body issues

Jared Waimon, Assistant Hockey Coach @ Quinnipiac, Founder @ Pro Crease Goaltending

I attended a level 1 clinic a couple years ago at Columbia University. I was first introduced to the system by Brijesh Patel, he and I are on staff together at Quinnipiac University. I also own an ice hockey goaltending school. Each summer we have a sleep away summer camp for higher end goaltenders ages 16+. There are 16 goalies skating a combined 160 hours between all the goalies. We utilize RPR each day. During the two camps we have experienced ZERO groin or lower body issues. This is nothing short of amazing when it comes to being an ice hockey goaltender.