The RPR™ system is a game changer

Although the RPR system has elements that are simple enough to have a 10 year old do, it's complicated enough that it can explain almost every non-contact injury you have ever seen. It's simple and amazingly effective nature is what is making it the biggest game changer in sports today. To learn and master all of the intricacies of the system, however, takes time, practice and effort. This is way we have a progression of learning in the system that ensures you master the information at each stage before moving deeper into the system.

Level 1

In this full day of learning you will get all the basics of the RPR system. Learn why we compensate, the strength & flexibility test to check for them and how to reset the body back to a performance state, ensuring your athletes feel and perform great. We will also guide you on how to implement RPR in your setting. Going through the RPR Level 1 course earns you a certificate of completion and the ability to move on to Level 2. 

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Level 2

This advanced certification covers aspects of the RPR system that further elevates your ability to help change your athletes & clients performance. We cover finding the primary resets and other intricate pieces of the system that require a solid foundation to understand.  

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Level 3

For those who seek to be the best at what they do. This is where we dive deep into the RPR framework and go into detail on vision, breathing, emotional state and many more things that impact performance in ways you never knew.