Whether they’re training for the combine or to play with their grandkids, your clients trust you. You don’t take that trust lightly, you are always finding ways to be better and more effective.

At the end of the day, you know that success is more than just weight on the bar.

RPR® gives your clients the power to improve their own lives in and outside the gym.


“I couldn't wait to implement RPR this morning after getting home from Level 1/2 in Columbus. I decided to go ahead and throw it into class. Did a Wake Up Drill (or two) after the first set of each superset. I noticed the difference in quality in every second set right away. The class demographic was mostly age 35-55 and they felt great when done and many went on to a second, more metabolic class right afterwards. Side note: I also felt great this morning right away, even after driving home from 6-10pm. Thank you!

- Suzy Yeagley, Owner @ Bloomington Body Bar, Bloomington, Indiana


“RPR is helping me see so many things about my trining and clients. The way I cue is much different. It’s not a product or a gimmick, it’s just lifting how our bodies should rather than just lifting weights. And it’s not your average bro shit either! I really want to thank you guys.”

- Neal Dakmak, Owner @ Dakmak Performance Fitness, Baton Rouge, Louisiana


RPR is the greatest discovery we've had in long time. I have been certified Level 1 and 2 and have seen some pretty amazing things; from increased broad jumps, to faster swim times, to better bowel function (no joke).”

- Pete Arroyo, Owner @ Legacy Strength Systems, Aurora, Illinois


RPR Level 1

In this full day of learning you will get all the basics of the RPR system.

You will learn:

  • A new lens to view the body (and the world)

  • The RPR Wake Up Drills (and how to implement them)

  • A simple set of tests to make sure your clients and athletes are locked in.

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RPR Level 2

In Level 1, you learned a new lens. RPR Level 2 focuses that lens.

You will learn:

  • How to identify and reset primary compensation patterns

  • A testing protocol to show your clients and athletes their progress.

  • A simple, powerful system to improve vision fields