Is the most powerful system for affecting massive, immediate changes in pain, flexibility and performance. 


 Chris Korfist teaching an RPR® Level One.

The most frustrating thing for a performance coach, and an athlete, is doing everything right all off season, just to have some unexplained nagging injury derail their championship dreams. In 2009, Chris Korfist, world class sprint coach, had just such an instance. He had an athlete who could have been one of the best sprinters he had ever worked with. He did, after all, run the fastest 55m time in the country. Unfortunately, the athlete developed a hamstring issue that derailed his career. This situation haunted Chris and he went on a mission to find a way to never have it happen again. In a way, you can say that Reflexive Performance Reset® was born out of frustration and a search for a better, more effective way to get maximum performance out of athletes and keep them injury free.

      In 2010,  he brought a man named Douglas Heel to the US to speak about a technique that he called Be Activated. Chris had heard of Douglas through his friend, Dan Fichter, who had seen him present on his technique in London the year before.  Although the method was presented as a treatment method by Douglas, primarily to other medical professionals, Chris sensed that it could possibly be adopted for enormous performance gains if applied properly. The technique brought together elements from a wide array of existing areas but was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Chris began implementing things and tinkering to get maximum performance out of his athletes. It was working really well, so he started sharing it with some other performance coaches in his circle. 

     One of these coaches was world renowned performance coach and developer of Triphasic training, Cal Dietz. Cal started getting the same amazing results as Chris and shared this information with world champion powerlifter and performance coach, JL Holdsworth. JL has had a long list of unexplained injuries in powerlifting and was constantly on the search for answers. On Cal’s recommendation, JL went through the Be Activated training with Douglas Heel. He too saw the immense power in the system and it’s potential to effect changes in performance and injury prevention, not just rehab injuries.

After getting amazing results for himself and his athletes, JL started asking Cal and Chris why more people did not know about this amazing system. After much discussion they realized their were two main factors holding things back:

One: Because Be Activated was taught as a treatment method to medical professionals, people did not understand how to adapt and implement the tools in a performance and injury prevention setting. Upon speaking with Douglas he fully supported the idea of adapting these methods to performance training and injury prevention. This is exactly what Chris had spent six years doing with amazing results, and with Cal and JL adapting the system for their needs as well, they knew they had the solution to that problem. 

Two: The people who had been exposed to the methods were at the ultra elite level and were either A: trying to keep the methods to themselves as a competitive advantage or B: trying to position themselves as a magical healer and not tell people about the system. Well Chris, Cal and JL have an abundancy philosophy in life and feel that when you have the power to positively affect so many people, it is your duty to share the information. Helping people is why they coach, and this was a way to help more people, and in a bigger way than ever before.

So with the adaptations that Chris, Cal and JL made, the support from Douglas and the want to get this system out to all athletes and performance coaches, Reflexive Performance Reset® or (RPR®) was born. RPR® involves many team implementation strategies and self wake up drills that are customized with the athlete and performance coach or personal trainer in mind. This customized organizing for performance and injury prevention have lead to RPR® being used by some of the top sports organizations and strength athletes in the world.

Whether you are an athlete who wants to be able to affect immediate, positive changes in your own body or you are a coach who wants to learn how to make amazing changes in your athletes, we will have a clinic coming your way soon.