My 1-2-3 Moment: Scott Kaak

Scott is an old friend of mine. Prior to working with RPR, I’d met Scott through our former employer and we got to work together on a bunch of projects - ultimately forging a great (and low-maintenance) friendship that’s stood the test of time. We reconnected towards the end of 2018 while I was in Dallas. I’d sent him a picture of myself and former Bears center Roberto Garza from a Level 1 clinic and the two of us spent a while talking about how life had changed for us both. Scott shares some of his story of what brought us back together and his own comeback trail. - Jeff

The old saying goes…”your body just changes after 30.”

Well, in my case it’s not only true, but also a bit of a curse.

I write today to share my journey of the last 6 months with RPR. This is how a Skype call and the RPR Level One Online Course changed my life and got me active again.

I grew up extremely active—martial arts, basketball, soccer, baseball—you name it, I wanted in.

After college (like most of us), I knew I was never going to step foot in the octagon or line up across the best talent in any of the big-four American sports, but my active lifestyle is what kept me well-balanced.

After college, until I was about 30, I was relatively fit. I could run two miles in under 11 minutes, bench nearly 300 pounds for 10+ reps, and deadlift nearly 400 pounds. (ed - I wouldn’t call this “relatively fit” but that’s just me)

At 30, I noticed drastic changes in my recovery. I had aches and pains that weren’t there in the past. I started to experience nagging pains in what I’ll refer to as my hinge joints. It got so bad that I couldn’t even make it around the block let alone run for distance because of the pain in my knees.

At 32, I couldn’t stand the rigor of the gym at all any more. When I lost the gym, I lost my daily salvation, my “me time.”

What came next was this overwhelming since of darkness. Why was my body letting me down?

At 33, I gave in. I knew there was family history of Rheumatoid Arthritis and I finally brought it up to my doctor. By 34, my fears were confirmed and I was formally diagnosed.

At this point, I fell into an even darker place. There were times when I couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning because the aches and pains were so severe. I longed for the days when it was hard to get out of bed because of DOMS because I hadn’t hit the gym in ages.

So, I went on a journey. Beyond meds and therapy, I just simply wanted more out of life. What can I do to get back to an active lifestyle?


I reached out to an old friend Jeff (or JB as I have always known him) as he’s always been active and looking for the latest and best new solutions. Sure as shit—he not only found an amazing new solution, but something he felt so strongly about he had dropped what he had been doing to make a living to pivot a career around this new thing he was introduced to Reflexive Performance Reset--RPR. Okay, JB…I’m listening.

We met via Skype just after Christmas. After our normal banter, he walked me through Level 1 of the RPR program.

At the start of our session, I couldn’t even touch my toes. By the end of that call, I was cautiously letting myself feel better.

As I type this six months later, I train Jiu-Jitsu multiple times per week and have earned several stripes on my white belt. A minor accomplishment for most, but for me—I feel like I have my life back.

Sure, RPR wasn’t designed for a 34-year-old “former athlete”, but it has by all means got me back into the daily grind that I missed so badly.

Thank you—from the bottom of my heart.

Keep inspiring, get your methods out there. They work.