I feel like I can run!

Isaias Ramirez - PE/Strength & Conditioning Instructor & Cross Country Head Coach & Track & Field Head Coach @ Corcoran High School, Corcoran, CA

Thanks once again for a great job teaching me Level 1 & 2 RPR.  I was so excited that after driving back for 4 hours I got my assistant to meet me at my school and we went through all the wake up drills.  I even called one of my top Cross Country runners and we discovered he was an arm driver. We disrupted that and reset him. To be honest, I usually apply new techniques to a couple of athletes but for RPR I decided to teach it to every PE Student and Strength & Conditioning class I have, plus Sports Medicine will learn the wake up drills as the next unit.  We are all in and all I'm hearing is how good they are feeling. One of my runners even said now I feel like I can run as a runner. He always had issues with tightness and for once he felt he could run normal again. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you Thank You.