RPR Athlete

I feel like I can run!

Isaias Ramirez - PE/Strength & Conditioning Instructor & Cross Country Head Coach & Track & Field Head Coach @ Corcoran High School, Corcoran, CA

Thanks once again for a great job teaching me Level 1 & 2 RPR.  I was so excited that after driving back for 4 hours I got my assistant to meet me at my school and we went through all the wake up drills.  I even called one of my top Cross Country runners and we discovered he was an arm driver. We disrupted that and reset him. To be honest, I usually apply new techniques to a couple of athletes but for RPR I decided to teach it to every PE Student and Strength & Conditioning class I have, plus Sports Medicine will learn the wake up drills as the next unit.  We are all in and all I'm hearing is how good they are feeling. One of my runners even said now I feel like I can run as a runner. He always had issues with tightness and for once he felt he could run normal again. I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you Thank You.

RPR has been a game changer!

Anthony Wilson - Head Track Coach & Assistant Football Coach @ Rockford East High School, Rockford, IL

RPR has been a game changer for me so far. I use every Friday night as part of the football team warm up.  No major injuries this year and the kids love it.

The kids say how good they feel after we do the RPR.  Also with the breathing they also state they feel locked in.  

I’ve noticed we’ve been more explosive.  We haven’t had any major injuries. No problems with recovery after games. The 2 or 3 kids that just got through the motions with being reset.  Are not very explosive, get hurt a lot and don’t have that edge everyone else has.

Our athletes don't train or compete without it!

Tobin Stepsis - Head Boys Track and Field Coach & Health Teacher @ Medina High School, Medina, OH

I have been using the RPR wake up drills for 2 years with my sprinters with tremendous success.  We have increased performance, athletes are ready to perform, and injuries don't exist since implementing this system.  The athletes don't train or compete without it! The word has spread, and now many programs at our school have implemented the wake up drills.  Soon we will be an RPR School.

Looking forward to Level 2!

RPR has changed my life.

Benjamin Powell - Athletic Director & Head Football Coach @ Cohen High School, New Orleans, LA

In my personal life RPR has changed my life. I have suffered from intermittent low back pain that has left me completely debilitated at times. Since starting a daily regimen of RPR I have been 100% pain free.

Professionally we have seen staggering results with our athletes. Through seven weeks of football and a highly competitive schedule we have had zero athletes miss a game due to injury. Our program has seen dramatic improvement in vertical jump, pro agility, and forty yard dash times literally overnight using RPR.

Our athletes ask for RPR because of how good they feel afterward.

Nate Beebe - Head Track and Field Coach @ Homewood-Flossmoor High School, Flossmoor, IL

Our program has been using RPR for the past 4 years now and have had a lot of success with it as we have averaged only 3 or 4 soft tissue injuries per season over that time where in the past we used to have several athletes missing practice and meets during the season. Our top athletes ask to be reset for every invitational they compete in because of how good they feel afterward.

Our athletes aren't missing practices for rehab

Mike Farthing - Assistant Coach, Girls Cross Country @ Downer’s Grove South High School, Downer’s Grove, IL

Since implementing RPR with our team on Labor Day, we have had tremendous results:

At the First to the Finish Peoria invite, 21 of 40 girls ran lifetime bests; all giAtrl's previous bests were run at Peoria meet or Naperville Twilight Meet.

At Naperville Invite on 9/21, 17 of 47 girls ran lifetime bests.  Probably another 10-12 were close to lifetime bests.

Also, at one point we had about 15 of 52 girls doing regular cross-training for ankle, shin, hips, you name it.  Yesterday, 9/26, we had 3 girls cross-training.

Thank you for this gift.

Joey Gleason - Track Coach @ Owatonna, MN

I’ve been wanting to take the time to email you ever since our RPR clinic on 4/15.  I was the guy shoveling the steps early that morning and the 41 year old with the old Achilles injury that you worked on.

I had so many ideas driving home that day, wasn’t sure where to start.  Long story short I dove right in on Monday with my 103 Jr. High track athletes.  Buy in took maybe a day at most. Started with Back and Abs demos on stronger coaches.  Some didn’t believe me, I activated their back, boom, and they were sold. What really sold me was we used some Tony Holler / Korfist wicket speed drills.  I started with a pre video of them sprinting through the wickets. We did a different RPR during each phase of the sprint drills and at the end they have both arms to drive hard through the wickets again.  Even to an untrained eye it’s so evident the change in that 15 min of drills and RPR. I’ve done that same test numerous times, including one of our top senior sprinters, and big difference. I can send you some coach’s eye screenshots if you’d like.

At this point, we either do RPR in our warmup or as part of the sprint drills pretty much every day.  Kids have started to do RPR on their soccer teams outside of track, which makes me proud.

Now for the exciting part.  It was easy for others to see my energy and passion for RPR and I’ve shown our AD, Head Strength, and Boys track coaches and all are onboard.  Looks like our Football coach is also very interested and I’ve forwarded on the 5/26 LVL1 class and sure at least one will attend. I will be coming to the 6/1 LVL2 class.

One more story.  I’m good friends with the family of one of the top 3 girl’s sprinters in MN currently.  Pre RPR I checked her hamstring flexibility and they would both catch at about 45. After a full RPR reset, easily 80+ degrees.  She was amazed as was I. Quad flexibility was much greater, and she was correctly firing glutes in a 1,2,3 pattern, previously 2, 3, 1 (nagging hamstring injury).

One other 9th grade boy that I coached last year very promising 200/400 runner.  He had 3 meets in a row running 3 events each (bad combo). Pulled a hip flexor. I finally saw him last night, and clearly it’s a quad illiac hip flexor.  Did zone 1 and had him walk around. He could easily perform upper hip flexion work, but with some pain still in the bottom 30 degrees, whereas before he could barely raise it at all.  Now he just needs recovery and RPR before running again.

Thank you for this gift.  I know it’s going to help many students in the Owatonna area.

Speed of result, lasting effect, ease of execution

Clinic Director @ Confidential

Hello People,

Just got done working with “Diane” which made think of what I am seeing this past week.

For clients that we are seeing weekly, I am seeing a consistent better "number" when I initially check their psoas.  To be clear, this is quite subjective but with folks that were initially a 2-3 I am seeing the work "hold" and the starting point is closer to a 6 when I check them.  This is allowing for a quicker assessment of what the drivers are and a faster clearing.

I continue to be fascinated by the vestibular system in the process.  I would argue that of all the inputs are eyes have got to be the biggest "gyroscope" of where we are and how we are moving.  “Diane” is consistently holding her activation and her eyes are functioning better for longer periods of time between sessions.  Today, again, she was much stronger with her eyes shut when muscle tested. We worked pretty hard (Glute, breath, psoas, and SCM) with her focusing on an object in her "weak zone".  Huge difference when we were done (2 minutes of tough stuff) - room brightened and instead of seeing a mass of fingers moving around her eyes could focus on the individual digits.

After this, I got her on a table, tested psoas and core, pretty quickly found her quads to be doing too much, did the quad activation, glutes, psoas and after about 8 min her psoas was a 10 and while we were doing the table work she commented at one point that her vision improved a bit more.

This process is not the "magic" to cure all things and get folks moving perfectly but I continue to be impressed by the speed of result, lasting effect and ease of execution.  We can see movement patterns that are off and many times, between sets or combos, activate what you see to be an issue and get the client back into the game.

The workout felt easier!

Michael Farthing - Track and Field / Cross-Country Coach @ Downers Grove South High School, Downers Grove, IL

I wanted to let you know that I have implemented RPR with our girls cross country team and it went over really well.  Within the first week, several girls have told me their shin splints or tight calves have gone away. It really has been a game changer.  I actually taught it before a tempo workout and many girls said the workout felt easier, even in the humidity.


Tony Holler - Co-Director @ Football Track Consortium, Track Coach

Reflexive Performance Reset is taking the world by storm. Multiple Big Ten and NFL football teams are now using it daily. In Illinois, I can’t imagine a track school who hasn’t heard about it. The US “founding father” is Chris Korfist. My sprinters are reset before they run. My guys can’t imagine sprinting without it. They run being “present” with a decluttered brain. They are more relaxed (parasympathetic). They are more durable. And, they are faster. My sprinters won all four sprints at the 2018 IHSA State Track Meet (100, 200, 4x1, and 4x2).

Brendan Hanneman, after breaking the Illinois 4×1 record, told Coach Quinn (Holler), “After getting reset by Chris Korfist, I felt like I was in a trance.” Actually it wasn’t a trance. RPR puts you in a performance state. Ever hear of someone being “in the zone”? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls it “Flow”. Being “IN THE ZONE” is a performance state. When an athlete is "in the zone", he has no fear. The athlete is present and focused on the moment. The brain is ready to let it rip because it no longer worries about survival (sympathetic state). Adrenaline is produced in a state of fear, a state of crisis. Adrenaline causes fight, flight, or freeze. The body implodes to protect itself. RPR is an explosive performance enhancer.

NHL Team Reduced Man Games Lost by 50%

Director of Strength and Conditioning @ NHL Franchise

I just wanted to pass along some very interesting man games lost (MGL) data after our full season of implementing RPR. Last season (15-16) our team had 276 MGL, with multiple non-contact soft tissue injuries (we play 68 games in our division). This season (16-17) we had 156 MGL, which was a 43% decrease; however, we did have a player that had to step aside due to personal reasons. Had his MGL not been counted, we would have been down to 131, which would have been a 53% decrease. We also drastically decreased our non-contact injuries. We only had one very minor hip flexor strain throughout the season (said player only missed two games, and never did RPR), and didn't have a single groin strain, which is unheard of in pro hockey.

While MGL is multifactorial, RPR was far and away the biggest difference that we made as a training staff. I'm still stunned and amazed at what a difference such a simple system has made in keeping our players healthy...you might even say that it's as easy as "1-2-3." ;)

Please feel free to share this information on social media; however, I would ask that my name and/or our team/organization's name not be associated with it. I don't think management would be too thrilled with us giving out injury data...

Keep up the great work, gents. You're making a world of difference in a world that needs something different

Getting Faster IN SEASON

Brad Dixon, Football Head Coach, Track Head Coach, PE Teacher, S&C Coordinator @ Central HS, Camp Point, IL

Brad Dixon’s tweet w/video

Full@RPR_system reset today with an emphasis on belly breathing! Also did speed drills and ran 40s. Had another player drop into the 4.6s today. Makes 5 players in the 4.5-4.6 range. Guys are getting faster in-season with proper REST and SPEED EMPHASIS!#Gamechanger#SpeedKills