RPR Practitioner

Speed of result, lasting effect, ease of execution

Clinic Director @ Confidential

Hello People,

Just got done working with “Diane” which made think of what I am seeing this past week.

For clients that we are seeing weekly, I am seeing a consistent better "number" when I initially check their psoas.  To be clear, this is quite subjective but with folks that were initially a 2-3 I am seeing the work "hold" and the starting point is closer to a 6 when I check them.  This is allowing for a quicker assessment of what the drivers are and a faster clearing.

I continue to be fascinated by the vestibular system in the process.  I would argue that of all the inputs are eyes have got to be the biggest "gyroscope" of where we are and how we are moving.  “Diane” is consistently holding her activation and her eyes are functioning better for longer periods of time between sessions.  Today, again, she was much stronger with her eyes shut when muscle tested. We worked pretty hard (Glute, breath, psoas, and SCM) with her focusing on an object in her "weak zone".  Huge difference when we were done (2 minutes of tough stuff) - room brightened and instead of seeing a mass of fingers moving around her eyes could focus on the individual digits.

After this, I got her on a table, tested psoas and core, pretty quickly found her quads to be doing too much, did the quad activation, glutes, psoas and after about 8 min her psoas was a 10 and while we were doing the table work she commented at one point that her vision improved a bit more.

This process is not the "magic" to cure all things and get folks moving perfectly but I continue to be impressed by the speed of result, lasting effect and ease of execution.  We can see movement patterns that are off and many times, between sets or combos, activate what you see to be an issue and get the client back into the game.